We help software companies setup their AWS account to scale.

Nymlogic helps setup cloud accounts so that your business can reduce costs and position yourselves to scale globally by leveraging the suite of technologies available in the cloud.

Deploy cloud environments fast by having the right partner.

Interested in using serverless or machine learning technology?

Contact our team so we can help guide you through the process.

Cloud infrastructure issues we address

We improve your ability to be more productive by addressing three key challenges

Getting to market faster.

Setting up your cloud environment can be daunting. We reduce the complexity to deploy virtual private cloud environments that are scalable, reliable and secure. Cloud infrastructure deployments made easy with our certified AWS solution architects.

Leveraging new technologies.

Many startups and businesses are looking to leverage new technologies to gain a competitive advantage in their respective market segments. We can help give you clarity into hot topics such as machine learning and serverless architectures.

Optimize your cloud for cost and performance.

One of the biggest challenges companies face when taking on new innovative initiatives is controlling costs. We work in a collaborative fashion to make sure you can succeed in the cloud.

Advance your teams ability to handle cloud environments

Deploy faster

Focus on your app not your infrastructure. Deploy apps using DevOps approaches.

Understand Costs Centers

Understand your cost centers and align your business goals.

Improve Security

Understand security risks your cloud is exposed to.

Tools to help you manage your cloud environments when you work with us.

Connect your AWS account in minutes to give insights into your cloud environment.