Why your startup should not be using Intercom

Founders, Startups and Minimum Viable Products

By Bien Pham
Feb 13 2019

I recently started working with a startup that was building a way to preserve your family history online. Great, awesome idea. But as I started to unravel their online presence. I noticed the mistake most startups make.

“Overbuilding without data driven validation is just guessing”

Many new startups and founders forget that growth is a process and they tend to overbuild, design and engineer prior to driving traffic to a clickable prototype that can measure your conversion rates. This is important because it dictates what you do next like investing in a new tool like Intercom.

How did I know this?

Reviewing their online analytics using tools like Semrush  resulted in zero organic search. This is a good thing by understanding your own traffic you can prioritize what actions you need to take to grow your business and in this situation it suggests that the priority isn’t to have a communications tool widget but to drive traffic to your site. Even having 1 unique visit a week can justify buying a widget just determine what metric fits your business.

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